The Bower’s Nest Gift Co was formed by Amy and Talana, when they both discovered a mutual passion for creating gifts for people that were both luxurious and thoughtful.

Knowing that time is precious, they wanted to take the hard work of gift giving away, and to provide people with quality choices so that the guess work of what to gift your loved ones was removed.

All the gift boxes have been curated with care and thought, and the items have been personally chosen to suit the occasion.

Gift giving does not need to be a long, stressful process when you chose The Bower’s Nest Gift Co to help you.


We were passionate about having a business name and logo that would not only reflect that we are an Australian company, but also tell our story of gift giving. The idea being that the nest of the Bowerbird is symbolic to the ‘nest’ of the gift box. Rich in foliage, their nest is beautifully decorated with unique treasures and finds. Like us, the Bowerbird is very selective in its choosing, and does not pick up random items that look pretty just to fill the nest.   They want their nest to stand out and be attractive, and therefore their attention to detail is impeccable. The bird will venture far from its nest to find these items of interest.